I am unable to log in to my account.

Please check the error message on your screen. If it says that the e-mail address or password is not valid, please verify, and log in with your Olympus registered e-mail and password. To fully participate in Olympusphere, you need to register your profile first.

A message saying "JavaScript is not enabled" appears, and I can't log in.

The Olympusphere site uses a feature called JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser settings.

Refer to your browser's Help menu for instructions on how to enable JavaScript.

An error message appears when I enter my e-mail address and password at login, but I don't know which is wrong.

Please contact our customer service officers at 1800-OLYMPUS (1800-6596-787) or via e-mail at tech_support.oisp@olympus-ap.com


Why is it necessary to register my profile?

Your profile information is used to provide a brief introduction of yourself to other users. A Display Name is required to participate in Olympusphere. About Me field is not required, but it will help you to seek inspiration and advice and interact with likeminded users in the community. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully prior to submitting your profile.

What is a Display Name?

Your display name is displayed instead of your real name. Please set the display name of your choice. However, you cannot change your display name once your registration is accepted. Display names that are already registered by other users cannot be used. Also, any display name that violates the Terms of Use cannot be used.

I want to change my display name.

Display names cannot be changed once your registration has been accepted.

I want to use my own profile photo.

You can upload a JPEG image under 4 MB.

I submitted my profile, but it hasn't appeared on the site.

Your profile can be viewed prior to acceptance at My Page. You can post photos prior to acceptance of your profile. However, posted photos will not be published until after your profile has been accepted.

How do I make changes to my profile?

Log in to My Page and click on 'Profile'. It may take some time before the changes are reflected on the site.

[Uploading Photos]

Are there any restrictions to posting photos?

Please only post JPEG images (DCF standard; RGB colour mode setting, if image is edited) under 15 MB. The maximum size displayed on the site is 1920×1080 pixels. However, a larger size is recommended so that the photos display properly. You must not post photos that infringe copyright or portrait rights, are inconsistent with public order and decency, or violate the Terms and Use, such as advertisements.

Please post photos taken using an Olympus camera or lens.

Inappropriate posts may be removed by the site administrator without notice.

Is there a limit to the number of photos that I can post in a day?

Each Olympusphere user can make 20 uploads per day. When posting albums (can contain up to 5 to 10 photos), one album counts as one upload.

What is the meaning of Download Permission?

The Download Permission allows images you have posted to be used by other Olympusphere users in accordance with the Terms of Use.

The photos you gave Download Permission can be downloaded.

What is a Subject Tag?

A subject tag is a keyword that can be attached to each photo or album.

Select the tag that is the most appropriate for the photo or the album you are uploading. You may use the subject tags to search for photos by it's subject.

I posted a photo, but it hasn't appeared on the site.

Some time is required for preparation prior to publication. You can view the photos or comments you uploaded by logging into My Page under 'Photos' section.

Can I introduce my posted photos to my friends?

There are 2 ways to share your Olympusphere photos with your friends. After your post has been accepted, you may click on the SNS share icons located in the SHARE THIS PAGE box in the bottom right-hand corner of the Details and Settings page, or copy the URL provided in the SHARE THIS PAGE box.

How do I change the title of a photo I have posted?

Click on the photo in My Page, change its title on the Details and Settings page.

It may take some time before the changes are reflected on the site.

The photo I posted was upside down. How do I correct it?

Log into My Page. Click on the photo you wish to change in My Photos, and click 'Rotate' on the Details and Settings page. You can rotate the photo at intervals of 90° using the rotate button displayed below the photo.

How do I make changes to a photo I have posted?

You cannot change posted photos. Please delete the posted photo and then re-post it.

How do I delete a photo I have posted?

Log into My Page. Click on the photo you wish to delete in My Photos, and click 'Delete' on the Details and Settings page. Please note that when you delete a photo, all the comments posted for that photo will also be deleted. Once deleted, any photos or comments cannot be restored.

How can I choose the cover photo of my album?

Place the photo at top of the upload-photos list. The cover photo becomes the thumbnail image of that album.

How do I replace some of the album photos?

Once posted, you cannot add or change the photos within the album(s). In case you want to remove or replace some of the photos, you may delete the whole album, then upload the photos again.

The camera I used to take my photo is not listed in 'Camera'.

If your camera is not listed in the pull-down menu, please select 'Other' series and then 'Other'.

Why are shutter speed and art filter not shown?

If the photo has been rotated or edited using a third-party software, EXIF data might not be displayed. If you want the EXIF data to display correctly, use Olympus Viewer 3, Olympus Master 2 or other Olympus software to edit your photos.

[Commenting on Photos]

I posted a comment, but it hasn't appeared on the site.

Some time is required for preparation prior to publication.

How do I make changes to a comment?

Posted comments cannot be edited. You may delete your own comments, but please verify your comment before clicking on the Submit Comment button.

How do I delete a comment?

You can delete comments that you have posted on the Details and Settings page. Also, from My Page, you can delete comments displayed in the list of recent comments. Click on the photo and delete the comment on the Details and Settings page.


How are Likes used?

When you see a photo on Olympusphere that you like, please be sure to Like it. The Likes are tallied over the last week, and photos that have collected the most Likes and comments are displayed in the 'Most Popular' section on the top page. The Likes are also referenced when photos are arranged in order of popularity in photo searches.

Can anyone Like photos?

Anyone who is an Olympusphere member can Like other users photos. If you are using Olympusphere for the first time, please create your Olympusphere account.

I Liked a photo but it doesn't appear to have been counted.

Each person is allowed to Like any number of photos per day. However, it is limited to one Like per photo. If your Like has not been reflected on the site, refresh the page, or wait a little while and then check again.


What does 'Favourites' mean?

When you see a posted photo that you like, you can register it as 'My Favourites' by clicking on the Favourite button on the Details and Settings page. This allows you to view your favourite photos later again at My Page.

What does 'Follow' mean?

You may follow other Olympusphere user by clicking on the Follow button on the user's profile page. To view other user's profile page, click on the user's display name. Select the Users Followed menu on My Page to easily find the new photos posted by the users you follow.

How do I delete the photos I added to My Favourites?

Put a check next to the relevant photo in 'My Favourites' on My Page, and click the Delete button. The photo will be deleted from your Favourites list.

How do I delete the users I added to Users Followed?

Put a check under the relevant user's display name in 'Users Followed' on My Page, and click the Delete button. The user will be deleted from your Users Followed list.

[Other Features]

I have a question that is not covered in this FAQ.

Please submit your inquires by e-mail to the address given below.


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