About Olympusphere

What is Olympusphere?

Olympus Australia has launched Australia's first Olympus photo community – Olympusphere. It is an online photo community site for users to share, learn and interact easily with other Olympus users.

What are the benefits of Olympusphere?

Olympusphere provides a platform for Olympus users to share. Share your photos, like photos, add it to your favourites, share it with your friends on social networks or even give other users feedback and comments. Olympusphere allows users to enjoy and learn from other likeminded photography enthusiasts.

Competitions & Activities

Users can join competitions and activities exclusive to the Olympusphere community. These activities and competitions allow users to hone and improve photography skills.

Can anyone use Olympusphere?

Anyone can browse Olympusphere, however, an Olympusphere account is required to use the site. If you have an existing Olympus account, please log in with your Olympus registered email and password.

Click here to log in or to register

Olympus Registered Users

Olympus registered users will be able to enjoy the full features of Olympusphere. Registered users can upload photos, like & comment on other user's photos.

Post Photos

Share your photos with the Olympusphere community by clicking on "upload photos". Users can post a single photo or an album (5 - 10 photos). Users can choose to post either in the general theme or special themes.

General theme allows users to share photos of any category taken with their Olympus system. Special themes may be based on special occasions, photographic techniques and features of the Olympus system. Special themes allow users to showcase their photos in these special areas.

Downloading of Photos

Users have the option of allowing other users to download their photo for personal use. By tagging your photo under a specified category, other users will be able to search and download your photo.

Ranking *Scheduled to be released in May, 2015.

Photos will be ranked based on most popular, most comments and most viewed on a weekly basis. It's exciting to find out what other Olympusphere members think of your photos after you've posted them.

Favourite Photos & Follow Other Users

Users can follow other users. By clicking on the Follow button on other user's Details and Settings page or Profile Page, you can add him/her to "Users Followed" page. Similarly, by clicking on the Favourite button, you can add photos to your favourites. These photos will be saved under My Favourites page, and can be viewed any time on your My Page.


Users can Like photos of other users.


Users can view and comment on photos. This is a good way to communicate and to interact with other users.

Other Features

My Page

My Page can be viewed after users register as an Olympusphere member. My Page contains features that allow users to manage their profile including posted images, view comments and records of photos.

Users can change their profile photo on their My Page. Display Name cannot be changed.

Search Photos

Users can easily search for photos on Olympusphere using the Photo Search feature. It allows users to search photos by detailed categories such as subject and photographic equipment.

Sharing on Social Media

A photo can be easily shared on social networking sites such as Facebook. To share the photo, users just have to copy the URL link located at the Details and Settings page of the selected image.

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